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New Book.

Posted in xBook Making by nicholashay on October 23, 2009

Here are some images of a new book that I just made yesterday.  It looks very futuristic.  The materials that it is composed of are vinyl (metallic front, white back) for the cover and mylar for the pages.  I am going to be doing drawings on the inside.


This was after the hardest part.  The vinyl is so thin that it wrinkles very easily if applied incorrectly.  Also, it is very sticky and does not come off once it is on.  The book was actually supposed to be mirrored on both sides, but I messed up the back and didn’t have any more mirrored.  A good lesson in buying more than you are expecting to use.





After applying the vinyl to the inside of the covers to completely hide the bookboard.  In the end the white vinyl turned out nicely.  By the way, this vinyl is actually not insanely expensive.  I think that it was only $1.65 a foot.  Be careful with the mirrored stuff because it does scratch easily, and it will fade over time.



Final product (after binding).  I meant to take more photographs of the process but I got excited and finished it.








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