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Posted in Gallery Installation by nicholashay on October 26, 2009

We just finished the installation of the next two shows at the Joan Cole Mitte Gallery here at Texas State. In one gallery there is an alumni show and in the other there is a video installation by an artist named Jeanne Stern. Here are some gallery related images.


This is what the lighting looked like due to the abundance of work from the fifty works on paper show.  When I lit it I didn’t feel like reorganizing all of the lights.  Luckily, I don’t think that very many people looked up at the ceiling and noticed the mess.  Even more lucky is the fact that some of the new gallery workers went thru and cleaned all of the lights up and made them look really nice.  Thanks to Rebekah Frank  and Brenna Ansley.




This is the artist, Jeanne Stern, checking out the video as one of the gallery workers, John Brandon Sell, sets up all of the AV equipment.  The videos are going to be 3-d.



I had to build some boxes to hide some of the wiring and a big plug for some of Jeanne Stern’s lightbox photographs.  I think that they could have been a little smaller, but it is going to be dark in the gallery so I guess that it doesn’t really matter.  Fuck it.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed building the boxes, but at one point I was using the table saw and it threw a piece of wood back at me and hit me in the stomach.  IT HURT LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER.



Boxes after sanding.



Box on the wall.  It looks a little big to me, but the plug wasn’t small.


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