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Really, really, really good restaurant .

Posted in Uncategorized by nicholashay on November 1, 2009

Thai Dee in San Antonio, TX is the best fucking restaurant in the entire world. Here is proof.


If you are going to get an appetizer then get this, Golden Shrimp.



It’s the famous Pad Thai.  Everyone always orders Pad Thai when they go to a Thai restaurant, but I personally prefer…



Three Vegetable Fish.  Holy shit, if someone told me, before I first tried it, that I would enjoy eating fish with gravy I would never have believed it.  I honestly do not know how I ever tried this but now I am hooked.  I eat this whenever I go.  All of the other dishes are great, but this one is awesomely great.  It is good beyond good.  Ingredients are Tilapia nuggets, bamboo shoots, peapods, baby corn, and gravy.  Oh my god.


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