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Another day another dollar.

Posted in Uncategorized by nicholashay on November 6, 2009

These images were taken in a darkened room with the only light source being the sunlight through the window blinds.  With each photo that I take with my new little Canon SD780 IS I am a little more amazed at it’s capabilities.  The best part about it, besides the incredibly small size, is the fact that the image stabilization is so good that I can shoot almost always without a flash and not have to worry about blur.  Therefore it is pretty easy on battery power.  With my first charge I got 500+ shots and maybe 50 of those were with a flash.

Here are some test images I took the other day in the drawing studio while everyone was watching a powerpoint presentation.  None of these have been digitally manipulated except to lower the resolution for the web.  Also, I have been using this camera for all other photos on this blog with the exception of the sketchbook pages that I scanned.



This one isn’t that impressive.  But it shows the position of the other two.  Notice the backpack in the center of the image and the metallic lamp that is centered vertically but about 1/4th of the way away from the right edge.



The aperture is at 3.2, ISO 400, and 1/8 sec.  I lowered the resolution for the web but when I view this at 100% I can see the thread weave of the backpack perfectly.



3.2, ISO 400, 1/8 sec.


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