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First Friday with San Antonio’s most gorgeous man.

Posted in Adventures, San Antonio's Most Gorgeous Man by nicholashay on November 7, 2009

It was a pretty good First Friday this month.  Two really good shows and one incredibly beautiful turtle sculptor.


Making our way into the Blue Star Complex.


This was a pleasant hint of things to come.  An installation by Gary “The Most Interesting Man In San Antonio” Sweeney.


Yuko and I first checked out the main gallery and it was the same shit that has been in there for the last three months.  So we wandered into the back alley and into the UTSA Satellite Space where we were confronted by some incredibly stupid clown paintings.  We got out of there pretty quick and some guy kept passing out cards for some gallery in the back somewhere.  Next we went to Adrianna Barrios and Barbara Justice’s space, JusticeWorks Studio.



This is Barbara and Adrianna and two other people being photographed without their knowledge.  After we went inside JusticeWorks we saw some pretty cool little ceramics by a guy named Alfonso Esproceda.


I think that those are real french fries.  So we hung out at JusticeWorks for a little while and enjoyed the ceramics and then we were informed that there was free food across the street at Say Si.  So Yuko and I immediately jumped at that opportunity and headed across the street.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t any free food and so we didn’t stay long.  We ended up going back to the clown paintings at UTSA Satellite so that we could pick up a free soda.  That is when I got a phone call from The Most Gorgeous Man in San Antonio.


Apart from being incredibly good looking, Nicolas Morales is also considered one of the top turtle sculptors outside of Canada.  I actually got to see one one time and it was really amazing.  It almost looked like a spaceship.


This is myself on the left with Nick on the right.  I honestly think that the only reason that we became friends is due to the fact that we have the same first name, but once we hit it off we have been the best of friends.  I keep wanting him to do a show with me, but he is always so busy.  He has his own work table.  Also, those are the free sodas at UTSA Satellite Space.

So once we finished our free sodas we were off to see the rest of the shows.  The first stop was Joan Grona Gallery.  She had an interesting show consisting of larger than average intaglio/litho’s and some interesting ceramics.  I liked the prints better than the ceramics, but overall the show was good.  Next we went to Jessica Halonen’s show “RX Garden” at Cactus Bra.  This is what I was really wanting to see this month and it turned out to be a really good show.  I previously met her and was introduced to her work when she did a studio visit/artist lecture at Texas State.  Her work is incredibly interesting and one of the more symbiotic combinations of drawing and sculpture that I have seen from a local/Texas-based artist.


Jessica Halonen’s sculpture at Cactus Bra.  There wasn’t any free food at Joan Grona or Cactus Bra but the work was very interesting, especially Cactus Bra.

The next stop was Stone Metal Press which surprisingly didn’t have any free food.  I didn’t really expect it at most places since it was Friday (usually the free food is the Thursday before) but normally Stone Metal Press usually has some punch and cookies.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything to eat and I don’t really remember what the artwork was.  So after we took some photos we moved on.


This is Nick explaining the operation of a printmaking press.  Notice how he holds the arm of the press the same way that he would hold another man’s cock – slow, gentle, and sentimental.

Next up we jumped into Nick’s Land Rover and headed over to Sala Diaz for Gary Sweeney’s show “Maybe If Your Metaphors Weren’t So Obvious”.  Yuko and I had been really excited about this show and it turned out to be really cool.  There wasn’t any free food, but I did see a lot of free alcohol.  I don’t drink, however, so I abstained.



I think that Nick really liked the show because when he really likes something he will cross his arms and look sort of sassy.  The show was really cool.  Gary, or somebody that he hired, built these big sandwich boards and printed/painted/stenciled/blah blah blahhed a lot of graphic imagery related to the use of obvious metaphors.  Sort of like the hero having the initials JC to allude to Jesus Christ (Bless The Beast And The Children, and Brave New World).  But the metaphors that Sweeney found were better than that one.






This is one of Sweeney’s post cards that were available for free.  His post cards are really the best.

So after we checked out Sala Diaz, Nick and I smoked a cigarette outside and decided what to do next.


We ended up telling each other jokes and finally decided to go back to Blue Star because Nick was thirsty and wanted a beer.  It took a little while to find parking for Nick’s Land Rover, but once we did we headed over to the main gallery.  We ended up hanging out there for a while.  We met some people that we knew and talked for a little while.



After Nick smoked another cigarette we stood around and decided what to do next.  We eventually decided to part ways.  Yuko and I were hungry and so we decided to see him another time.  So we left and as we were driving home we noticed that there was still some good parking at Sala Diaz and so we decided to stop by for one more look at Gary Sweeney’s work.  Little did we know that Nick had also decided to go back to Sala Diaz for the party and so we ended up meeting again.


Nick and I talked some more and then Yuko and I went inside to check out the show one more time.


We saw Gary (in the red jacket) and so I asked him if he would take a picture with Yuko.  He did and he was really fucking cool.





Yuko was amazed at Gary Sweeney’s work.  He is her favorite artist and she was so happy to meet him.


I would say that it was a very successful First Friday.  I got to hang out with Nick, and Yuko got to meet her hero.


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  1. Nicolas "the Bullet" Morales said, on November 7, 2009 at 1:17 am

    Coolest night of my life. I love my Land Rover.

  2. Barbara Justice said, on November 7, 2009 at 2:29 pm

    Nick are you smoking a cigarette in one of thoses photos? That Morales kid is really rubbing off on you. As always thanks to you and Yuko for stopping by and visiting.

    • nicholashay said, on November 7, 2009 at 2:31 pm

      It was a good show Barbara. I can’t wait for the December show. Hopefully me and The Most Gorgeous Man In San Antonio can stop by and do an interview with the artist.

  3. richard kelly deaver said, on November 10, 2009 at 10:29 pm

    slow, gentle and sentimental.

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