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The lobby of hobby: Yuko goes to heaven.

Posted in Adventures by nicholashay on November 28, 2009

Yuko and I recently took a trip to one of the greatest art supply stores that man has ever known.

A really classic orange sign.  Simple and to the point.


I stumbled upon this really gorgeous mini silver glitter Christmas tree.  I thought that they only made full-sized silver glitter Christmas trees.  I could tell that Yuko wanted it really fucking bad, but I told her that forty bucks was just too much and that it would be cheaper if we went out into the wild and cut down our own silver glitter Christmas tree.


This is called an embellishment center and basically what it is is a cupboard looking thing (minus a door that would hinder the viewing of embellishment) that you store all of your shit that you glue to other shit and give as gifts that people end up throwing away – unless your mom gives it to you, in which case, I keep it.  I could tell that Yuko really wanted this also.


Yuko found some puff pens and thought that I might be interested in looking at them, but I wasn’t.  I just took a picture because I thought that Yuko looked so cute.


Then Yuko found the novelty scrap-booking paper aisle.  Holy shit what a nightmare.  Now I understand where the name Hobby Lobby comes from.  It is actually for two different people: the people that have hobbies and the people that drive the hobbyist to the store and end up standing around waiting like they are in a fucking lobby.  Regardless, Yuko really liked the novelty scrap-booking paper aisle and she ended up looking at every single piece of paper and not buying anything.


Yuko showed me this piece of novelty scrap-booking paper and I thought that it was pretty cool.  Notice that she still hasn’t set down the puff pens.  She likes to look at everything and carry it around the store for a while and then put it back on the shelve.  It is the same gratification that most people receive from actually buying something.  I drives me fucking crazy.


I think that these ladies knew everything that there is to know about novelty scrap-booking paper.  This is probably what will happen to Yuko in the future.  God bless you Yuko.


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  1. Nicolas Gold said, on November 28, 2009 at 10:42 am

    I’m losing the ability to rank the posts, although the zoo is still number 1.

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