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Holy shit!!! It’s thesis time, part I: thesis group I.

Posted in Adventures by nicholashay on December 1, 2009

Holy shit.  Everyone knows what time of the semester it is.  That’s right, it’s the mother fuckin’ thesis season.  The punch flows like water, dreams are made and crushed like the grapes dropped on the ground, and I get to eat a shit load of free cheese (This time there was four different flavors but no A+).  For those that don’t know, thesis for art students at Texas State is the culmination of their time.  It is the best of times.

Above everything else, the most important reason that I attend the majority of thesis, or any openings for that matter, is because I want the free food.  Sometimes it is awesome and sometimes it turns into total bullshit. Sometimes the students try to go wildstyle with the food and things get a little funky. Last year there was a fucking bar-b-que sauce fountain. Come on! But this show was definitely more conservative.  Let’s start with the juice.  Normally the juice jug is what is hit the hardest and fastest.  It is usually gone within the first half hour, or there is just a little left and you have to tip it to get the last few dripplets.  Personally, I try to hit the juice jug first.  I gulp down a cup, grab one for Yuko, and then I fill up one more for myself which I try to nurse for the rest of the time.  This juice was actually really good.  The juice girl that brought it out told me that it was still a little hot and that if I waited for ice I could cool it down.  I drank it hot.  It still satisfied.  The rest of the food was pretty standard gallery food: cheese (cut into tiny little pieces, what the fuck), the biggest fucking grapes I have ever seen in my life, and some weird turkey wraps that were pretty good.  There were also some funky little brownies that I ate a shitload of but didn’t really like because I think they were homemade (in this swine flu age I just don’t do homemade).

As I was enjoying my meal, I bumped into this mother fucker.  Michael Menchaca, the other blogger in the Texas State art department that is also from San Antonio.  I told him that he had better pack his shit up and hit the fucking road or I was going to punch him in the fucking camera.  But I think that he stuck around and you can check out his blog here.

Before I went into the gallery I saw this really fucking tall guy.  Holy shit!!!  That is not a camera trick or any Photoshop.


So I get into the fucking gallery and there is like five hundred people and already I want to leave.  But I swallow my anxiety and start the walk around.  Actually, I already saw all of the work because I helped to install a little bit.  But it is nice to get a fresh look.

More fucking people.  I know the guy that made the big black drawings in this photo.  Those turned out nice.  Good job Jason.  Actually three of the drawing thesis students this semester are named Jason.  What the fuck?  Anyway, they all made really nice work.

Holy Shit, it’s Ms. Olan Mills in the center checking out an installation.  By the way, it’s her birthday today so if you see her in the hall then spank her, or give her a wedgy, or whatever the fuck people do to other people to hurt them on their birthdays.  Hurt her bad.

These two professors were trying to hide from the swine flu.

Yuko and retired professor, Neal Wilson, discussing something secret – probably art related.

Then they started to do these really weird hand gestures and I had no idea what the fuck was going on so I left.

Someone didn’t want their picture taken and slapped the camera away.

Some more people looking at art.  I think that they really liked it a lot.

Some more of the fucking art.  Actually, there was a really badass triangle photograph but I didn’t take a picture because there was like five hundred fucking people in my way.  This stuff was pretty cool, though.  I liked the fucking circle pole thing and the owl drawing was pretty cool.

Meanwhile some of the kids from the local alternative high school showed up and tried to start some shit.  I had to hide their identities due to the fact that they are minors.  Anyways, I told them to fucking scram.

Meanwhile back inside, this fucking guy shows up.  Dustin Pevey.  He has done some of the best paintings that I have seen at Texas State and one of the best critics, but he has a tendency to evaporate into thin air.

Dustin’s installation.


Over all I would say that it was a pretty successful thesis show.  Good job guys.  The food was terrible, but at least there wasn’t any funky shit.


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  1. meatd said, on December 1, 2009 at 6:58 am

    i’ve been starring at this for an hour->

    it was a very nice accompaniment to reading your blog. heh.

  2. Nicolas Savage said, on December 1, 2009 at 2:21 pm

    This was a really good post too. When I get back to writing my blog, your blog is going to look so stupid. I’ll steal all of your readers and you’ll have to get another hobby. Word on that. I’m going to get you.

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