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Austin unfortunately.

Posted in Adventures by nicholashay on December 8, 2009

This weekend we, unfortunately, had to take a trip up to the state’s capital, Austin, Texas.  I am not really sure what it is that I dislike so much about Austin, but on the top of the list is definitely the parking situation.  I think that there are way more people than Austin really needs.  Come on guys some of you could fucking hang out in Buda.

Anyways, the reason that we went to Austin was because a friend of ours that works at the Mexicarte Museum invited us to participate in a fundraiser and thereby gain free admittance into said fundraiser.  Overall, it was a pretty fun event.  We got some free food and got to see some art, but we had to go to Austin to do it.

Yuko collects little plastic forks and I don’t think that she had this model yet.  I was so excited for her.

My plate had tamales (not that great), some barbacoa style chicken (not that great), some really good cheese, some really fucking good salsa, and some pretty fucking good chips.  I threw away one of the tamales, but ate the rest.

The sweet things were probably the highlights.  I liked the flat sweets better than the little ball sweets.

Crowd shot.  My new favorite shot is to put my camera in the air and take a photo.  I probably look like a fucking rock star.

Yuko and the painting that she donated (the yellow one) to get into the show.  That older lady sat in front of it all night.

Some of the art in the back room.  I guess this is the permanent collection, but I had never been here before so was not familiar.

This was one of the paintings.  Someone just glued a print to the front.  I don’t think that this is the most successful form of presentation.

This one was kind of cool, but I don’t know what it said.

This deal was pretty cool.  I didn’t photograph mine because it was really a piece of shit and I apologize to the entire Mexicarte community.

We left the party and walked back the ten blocks to our car.  No bullshit.  Ten blocks away at 8 o’clock in the evening.

We walked past the Austin Museum of Art – the smallest fucking museum in the world – and checked out the scene through the window.

It looked pretty badass inside but they weren’t letting just anyone in.  Motherfuckers.

We still took some fucking pictures.  Motherfuckers.

Some stupid thing at the Austin Museum of Art.  Motherfuckers.  Anyways, Austin was pretty cool.  Motherfuckers.  Yuko and I had a good evening thanks to Mexicarte.  But fuck you Austin Museum of Art.  Motherfuckers.


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  1. Melody said, on December 9, 2009 at 8:08 pm

    I would first like to say thank you for the positive comments about Mexic-arte. Not too many F U’s. And yes, the barbacoa and tamales sucked.
    Second, I would like to say FU for not getting a pic of me there or a pic of my work.
    Thirdly, I would like to say nice job though of getting my Dad in the background of the pic of Yuko stealing forks (big man in the cowboys hat).
    Glad you both came to the ATX to support!
    I tip my hat to you both 🙂 ha!

    • nicholashay said, on December 9, 2009 at 11:16 pm

      Sorry about not getting a picture of you. I will get you next time.

  2. Melody said, on December 9, 2009 at 8:10 pm

    Oh, and lastly, the painting you can’t read says “NO PUEDES GANAR” (You can’t win)
    You are welcome.

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