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Holy shit!!! It’s thesis time, part II: thesis group II.

Posted in Adventures by nicholashay on December 8, 2009

Holy shit.  It’s Monday again and therefore time for more free food and more student art.  This time I think the students really came together and made an overall dynamite show.  I also somehow ended up helping them, for the majority of Sunday, to install all of their work, and therefore had already seen most of it.  I had a fun time and got to meet some new people.  So I guess that everybody won.  Another interesting thing about this show was that I knew just about everyone already from previous classes.

So I was just minding my own business, waiting in line for some of the fucking food, when this motherfucker shows up.  Rocky Thesis One Reasoner.  I though this fucking dude graduated last week.  What the hell is he doing supporting his fellow students by showing up past his required time.  Anyway, thanks for showing up Rocky.

This guy was in the show.  Tommy Hiler.  I met him last semester and cannot believe how much improvement he has made in his paintings since then.  He had some really badass paintings in the show.  Good job Tommy.

This was the juice that they had.  It was really fucking good because it had some shaved ice in it and was sort of like a slushy.  I normally pay pretty good money for a slushy so to have one provided to be free of charge is a pretty fucking cool thing.  Thanks guys.

Everybody was really fucking hungry after such a long semester.  By the way, today was the last day of classes until finals week.  I, of course, got all of my food before all of these mother fucking line waiters.  I played by fucking cards right.  As for the food, I appreciate the fact that they put some thought and money into it, but most of it wasn’t really my taste.  I guess that I have simpler tastes.  And there weren’t any fucking grapes.  I couldn’t believe it, and literally I almost shit a brick.  I did however enjoy the desserts.  They were very delightful.  I also enjoyed some of the cheese.

So after I ate, I went in to check out all of the people looking at art.  I have to say that there was a really good turn-out.  This is some people (photo professor Jason Reed) looking at Tommy’s paintings.

This is a self-portrait from Jenny White.  For me, she had the strongest work in a pretty strong show and this was my favorite of her photographs.

And just when I started to enjoy the work some crazy motherfuckers showed up and tried to start some shit.  First up was Chacalogue himself.  And if that wasn’t enough this crazy motherfucker showed up also:

Gallery director Mary Mikel Barcus Paige Magic Johnson Stump.  I guess everyone has a fucking camera now and people think that they are going to move in on my shit.  I worked hard for this fucking coverage and then people try to take what I got.  Fuck no.  No fucking way.

So to settle who would be the sheriff in blogville we had a quick shoot out and the others unanimously agreed that I was far superior and that they would stay the fuck out of my way.  Motherfuckers.

So I got back to my journalism and started to walk around some more.  I found this professor and student discussing Sci-fi art and how much each of them really appreciated it.  Something about some guy named HR Giger being a genius.  I couldn’t really hear everything.

I met this guy and he took me to the edge of my fucking imagination.  Mr. Johnny Villareal.

I noticed that this thesis show had quite a few more grandpeople that I normally don’t see around the openings.  I was really fucking glad to see this actually.  Someone’s probably going to get some badass graduation presents.  I would get a fucking chrome Ferarri.

I don’t know what the fuck this guy was doing, but he kept looking at this sculpture really fucking closely and I wanted to tell him to stop.  However, I noticed is khaki vest as the international sign for journalism and therefore just assumed that he was conducting some fucking research.  I hope he found whatever the fuck he was looking for.

Jessica Tolbert had some pretty cool metal works.

There was also a baby at the opening.

This guy showed up and we discussed neo-conceptual post-performance art and also renowned artist, Spaghetti Sandwich.

Another one of Tommy’s awesome paintings.

I really liked this painting a lot.  Pretty awesome.

The guy on the left fell asleep while he was standing.  It was pretty fucking funny, but also incredibly rude.

Close-up of some of the art.

People taking pictures of the art.  I guess they didn’t know that I had that shit covered.

I walked back to get some more food and discovered this fucking horror show.  The hungry people even ate the fucking serving dishes.  What the fuck.  This isn’t Baghdad.  Come on people.

The only thing left was this tiny sliver of flesh that was most likely torn off some poor art student’s finger.

Even the toothpicks got knocked over.  What the fuck?  After that I just couldn’t look at anyone’s faces for a while.  I sort of lost a little of the faith.

After a while I felt better.

Then I heard some really weird fucking music and so I walked out of the gallery to investigate.

I didn’t really care for the music but some people did.

Yuko and Johnny got some more of the food.

Mexicarte Melody showed up.  I don’t know what the fuck was in the box.  I think that she was going to bury her dead hamster or something.

I got a little areal photography.

Yuko got another slushy.

And I got a little more snack.  Overall, I have to say that this was a fucking badass thesis show.  Good job Thesis II guys.  I wasn’t really that excited about the food, but the last really great food that I liked was when someone brought the fried chicken.  That was fucking awesome, but obviously I might have different nutritional requirements than others.  I fucking understand that now.  The slushies were fucking awesome.


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  1. artchooser said, on December 9, 2009 at 9:47 am

    majority of the day? whatever.
    and by the way, I think the Gallery Director deserves a little credit.

  2. Melody said, on December 9, 2009 at 7:58 pm

    aka. mexic-arte melody

    it was the art from me AHA show ass! Not a box to bury my hamster in.

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