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Posted in Adventures by nicholashay on December 24, 2009

A lot of motherfuckers keep asking us if we are giving up blogging.  We have been doing this shit for a long fucking time now – almost two fucking months.  So we thought that we would just take a little time out and let our public know what is going on.  Are our blogging days over?

The answer is FUCK NO!

You ask a stupid fucking question like that and you could fucking get hurt.  Be careful.

We haven’t even fucking started.  No fucking way that we’re finished.  Your fucking finished if you ask that shit again.

Don’t stand there with that confused look on your face.  You know what the fuck is happening.

We ain’t trying to sell you some fucking bullshit.

We’ll be back.  I fucking guarantee you.  Yuko fucking guarantees you too.

The whole fucking team is coming back.  Just be patient.

If we don’t come back then America doesn’t fucking come back, and you know we can’t let that shit happen.

Just don’t be fucking scared anymore.

We got a lot more shit to cover.

We just need a little fucking break.  We ain’t dead yet.


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