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Holy Shit!!! 2009 Comdes Exit Review AND Thesis III Exhibition (sort of)!!!

Posted in Adventures by nicholashay on January 15, 2010

I fucking told you I’d be back.

We’re all fucking back.  It’s been a lovely break, but now we got a lot of shit to cover.  First up is last month’s Exit Review.  This is what the Graphic Design students at Texas State consider their thesis review.  Everyone shows up and eats a lot of fucking food, looks at all of the bullshit, and the graduates get their fucking cherries busted wide open.

I had a full team to go with and the head of it was Ms. Olan Mills herself.  She will be doing exit review next semester so this was a good opportunity to find out what works and what are some really fucking stupid ideas that don’t work.

This is all of the fucking people that showed up.  90% are relatives or people that didn’t really give a shit but wanted to eat free food.  The last 10% are probably perverts.  The food was pretty good.  Cold cuts, fruit, and Coca-cola (way to fucking go all the way with the real deal).  Anyway, the coke went through me like lightning and I had to take a piss pretty fucking quick.

So I took a break to use the restroom and discovered this shit.

I made the fucking Dean’s list at some point but didn’t remember when.

Then I noticed my little star mark which clued me in to when I won this prestigious award.

The only time that I made a 4.0 was over the last summer II session when I took one fucking class – Printmaking II (I have since made a 4.0 for the fall semester but those results weren’t published at this point).  I probably deserve the honor just because taking a printmaking class during the summer was one of the most intense periods of my life, but come on. Ohh well, I guess the Dean’s List just lost a little credibility, but fuck it.  I am applying to graduate school.  I need all the fucking awards that I or anyone else could possibly invent.  Thanks Dean.

I got back to the party and found this motherfucker – Rand Renfrow aka The Tallest Man In San Marcos.  He unfortunately did not make Dean’s list, but he didn’t really give a fuck.  All he wanted was a fucking cupcake.

He got his fucking cupcake and everyone was happy.  Except that fucking chick behind him who was clearly disgusted about something.  Overall, I think the Exit Review was kind of cool.  The food was really good but I didn’t really look at any of the design stuff.  Ohh well, graphic design is fucking pervasive.  If these guys are any goof it will find me eventually.

Next up was the fucking last thesis show of 2009.

Of course this fucking guy was there.  Rocky 69 Reasoner.  Someone also brought a small child.  Hopefully they told him not to fucking touch anything.

I have to say, I think that Thesis Group III won the “Best Fucking Thesis Food of 2009” award.  Good job guys.  Here’s a run down of what went down.  Sweets (including brownies), hummus (fuck this shit), some weird ass multi layer chip dip (fuck that shit), cold cuts, sandwich wraps as well as normal sandwiches, tostitos, a variety of soda that included Dr. Pepper (the best fucking soda) and Sunkist (the second best fucking soda), and a really lovely variety of fresh fruit.  The fruit is what really seperated Thesis III from the rest.  They had kiwi and mango.  I thought that I was in fucking paradise.

Check this shit out:

The Sunkist – a combination of fruit and soda.  It’s not only good, but also good for you.

I have no fucking idea what the triangle things were but I definitely did not eat them.

The array of fruit.  Everything was good except for the fucking canteloupe.  Canteloupe tastes like bullshit.  Nobody really likes it.  They just pretend to.

Unfortunately I dropped my plate that was stacked high with fresh fruit.  That was really a fucking bummer, but overall this was a really great opening.  I didn’t take any pictures of the art because I was pissed after dropping my food and subsequently left without going into the gallery.  However, I did see the work and go into the gallery previously.  I helped the guys hang it.  It was really good work.  So congratulations on a fucking job well done.


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