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Posted in Shows by nicholashay on March 21, 2010

Well, well, well.  Ohh, well.  I got the fucking show finally set up and is now officially open for display and viewing.  Thanks to all of the mother fuckers that helped me along the way:  Yuko, Adrianna, Barbara, and of course The Most Gorgeous Man In San Antonio (who showed up with a gorgeous fucking lady friend).  And thanks to Casey and Sarah who drove all of the fucking way from Austin to see the show.  It gives me hope that people still like to see art and don’t just go to the fucking openings for the free beer and cheese cubes.  You guys are fucking awesome.

This is me with Mr. Rock And Roll himself. The show was actually named after this guy right here.  Believe it or fucking not.

I don’t know what the fuck these two guys were doing but I hope they didn’t touch any of the art.  Despite what it may seem in the photos we actually got a lot of fucking people for a Thursday.  Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries about thirty minutes into it so I couldn’t snap very many photos.  But I will add some fucking digital people later.

The installation turned out better than I could have possibly fucking imagined except people kept thinking that it was made of foam.  It is made of wood, and I am not sure if that really matters, but people were fucking surprised when I told them.  So fuck it.  April fool’s I guess.  The letters aren’t made of foam, they’re wood.

The other half of the installation.

Drawings – as installed.  If you haven’t made it down yet then come check it.  I will be there tomorrow from 6-10pm.  Don’t believe my crappy photos.  Come check this shit out for yourself.  And bring a fucking friend along.

Drawings from the show:


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  1. Eric's Underexposed Photograpy said, on April 2, 2010 at 1:26 am

    Love the million dollar drawing. Next time be sure to hand deliver the invitation.

  2. […] If possible, check out soon-to-be alumus Nicholas Hay’s show in San Antonio. Here is a link to his blog, on which he has photos of the work and the installation. Nick is heading to […]

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