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Before and after Richmond: Random photos.

Posted in Adventures by nicholashay on October 3, 2010

So in case you don’t already fucking know, I decided not to go to grad school this fall and to wait a year.  Now Yuko and I have relocated back to San Anfuckingtonio.  Back where we fucking started.  Ohh well, it isn’t really that bad.  At least we don’t fucking live in Austin.

Here are some fucking pictures detailing the beginning of my life after school (prior to starting again).

One good thing about San Antonio is the pawn shops where you can see stupid shit like these fake mustachios for babies that look like someone took a shit on their cute little faces.

Also, guns are cool and abundant at pawn shops.

Another place that is fucking cool in San Antonio is Old Navy.  I know that they have them in other places too, but in San Antonio there are always extra sombreros laying around so that people can do shit like this to the mannequins.

Hills Snyder is in San Antonio and this is his artwork that you can currently see at Blue Star.  I don’t know what his fucking problem is exactly but he makes cool art.

This is me inside of Hills Snyder’s fucking artwork.

This is Rocky “Grad School” Reasoner at Blue Star.  He is currently exhibiting one hell of a mustachio that certainly cost more that twenty-five cents.  Him and Yuko are perhaps the worst fucking dancers in the world (I didn’t attempt to dance and was therefor ineligible for the title).

This is Nicolas “The Pussy Magnet” Morales (aka the Most Angry Man in San Antonio).  That cat fucking loved Nick so bad.  It was not giving up.

Kristy Perez’s work at Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center.  The fucking highlight of last weeks First Friday activities.

Also Kristy’s work.

This is me inside of the fucking legs triangle.  What else can I say.

This is me in Richmond next to a fucking giant ceramic sculpture with dripping dots on it.  I was wearing a maroon shirt.

This is some crappy marble sculpture in Richmond.  They had to put a thin twine barrier around it so that the fucking locals would stop groping the exposed marble titty.  Scumbags.

This is me in San Antonio after mowing the grass.  I had a giant sweat stain in the shape of a heart because I was full of love.  It all got out.

Some badass sculpture that people in Richmond worship.

People in Richmond are fucking addicted to fantasy art.  Check out this fucking wizard from the historical society museum.

This is me playing the tear bar like nobody’s business.

This is the current focus of my work.

This is me drinking iced tea from a Bill Miller’s soup cup with a John Wayne portrait in the background.  How the fuck did anybody ever expect me to leave Texas?

These are the hippos at the Zoo getting fed.  If you go to the zoo at the right time some old dude will come up to you all excited and say something like “blah blah animal is going to be fed at three o’clock”.  Then you gotta make sure to finish whatever the fuck you are doing at 2:45 and haul ass to whatever animal is being fed.  Personally, if the guy tells you about these type of events you should of course be polite and feign excitement, but honestly, it wasn’t really worth running to the other side of the fucking zoo to see someone throw some fucking apples into the hippo’s mouth.

Look at this fucking hipster.  Rand and his Pabst Blue Ribbon socks.

This is a metaphor for what I felt like immediately after deciding to postpone grad school for a year.  Luckily, Yuko was there to explain what was wrong.

I know that this post is pretty fucking random and probably sucks but it is only because I have been a lazy shit about the blog and now I am out of practice.  But don’t you fucking worry, Yuko and I have got a lot of fucking bad ass shit to do in our free time and you can bet your sweet asses that we are going to share it with you motherfuckers.


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