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If dreams were lightning and thunder were desire, this old house would have burnt down a long time ago.

Posted in Adventures by nicholashay on December 2, 2010

Note:  I started to write this blog a few weeks ago but for some reason never finished it and I don’t intend to finish it now.   So enjoy what you can while you can.    If you want to know what I was going to write, I was going to say something about the food being really badass greek food and the art being pretty cool.  I was probably going to make fun of a lot of stuff and say the word fuck a lot.  If you have any question just leave a comment and if I can think of a clever reply then I will approve it.



This is me with a badass Dr. Pepper.  The last time that I went to an Artpace opening they had a shitload of RC Cola that was pretty delicious, but they really stepped it up this time by going with the real thing.  I guess all of that fucking begging that Artpace Director Michael Druid did finally paid off and they got some real soda.  Way to fucking go Artpace.  I knew you guys could do it.

By the way, in the photo beside me is my good friend from way back, James “The Temporarily Most Gorgeous Man In San Antonio” Woodard.  Nicolas “The Most Gorgeous Man In San Antonio” Morales had the night off.  Also, for any of you that work in the highly respectable field of graphic design and layout, James’ last name is in fact Woodard, and not Woodward.  So if you ever happen to be the stupid fucking asshole that is typing his name out on a flier for an upcoming show that he might be featured in then make sure that you spell that shit right.


This is Yuko looking at a chest of drawers that is on the wall instead of on the ground where it is supposed to be.  If is was on the ground then nobody would have given a fuck.  Unless it was painted a really fucking ugly blue color.


This is Guillermo.  He is a musician/artist/intern all at once.  That’s why he is so fucking happy.  Plus he gets to touch all of the shit without people fucking complaining to him.


This is James looking inside of the drawer that Guillermo generously opened for him.



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