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The Good, the Bad, and the Bold, and the Beautiful Series I print set – $40 + s/h

Posted in --FOR SALE--, Prints by nicholashay on April 27, 2011

Remember when you were a kid and all the crazy shit you saw.  Well here it is folks, seven characters that you are sure to not forget anytime soon.  The editions on the individual prints vary, but there are only four complete sets available.  Each of the individuals are printed on Arches 88 high quality printmaking paper and all of them (except Puddles The Magic Dog) measure 5″x7″.  Call me crazy, but what better way to tell mom that you love her than to give her a complete set of wonderful memories for Mother’s Day.  The individual price of the prints are $8 a piece.

Hi, I’m Queer Gary, and I need a ride home, daddy.  (Edition of 6)

My name is Samantha and I just need a little reaction, if you got it.  (Edition of 6)

My name is Rubix the Robot Boy and I am ready to ignite.  (Edition of 4)

Hey, what’s up, my name is Austin, what kind of music do you like?  Ohh cool.  (Edition of 6)

Fuck me?  No, fuck you… okay… fuck me… please?  (Edition of 5)

My name is Uncle Robert, you fucking stupid jerk!  What day is thanksgiving again?  (Edition of 6)

This is Puddles The Magic Dog.  Just be careful with him around the kids.  (Edition of 12, size is 6″w x 4″h)


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