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Wild In The Streets zine (Preview Issue) – $15 + s/h

Posted in --FOR SALE--, Zine by nicholashay on May 1, 2011

Here it is ladies and gentlemen.  This is the preview issue of a zine that I intended to start about a year ago.  I learned a lot of things from making this zine.  Mostly importantly I learned that it is stupid to screen print a zine.  It is not only cost prohibitive, but also time consuming.  Any future zines will be neither screen printed nor printed on the quality of paper that this one is and so that is why this one is so special… aahhhhhhhh shucks.  The cover image is a tribute to my dear friend, Casey James Wilson, who was bitten on the anus last spring by a German Shepard.  He, fortunately, made a full recovery.  In case you are wondering what the zine is all about, well, it is all about nothing.  It isn’t my life story or some ground breaking examination of society.  The content inside is a non-narrative assortment of images and drawings.  I created all of the imagery in order to test my zine making capabilities.  The edition is limited to 13, the number of pages are 16, and the size is 4.25″w x 6.5″h.  Buy these and I will make new zines.  I promise.


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