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Blowed Up print series – $50 each + s/h

Posted in --FOR SALE--, Prints by nicholashay on May 3, 2011

Humanity’s love of fire has a long and beautiful history.  From the first time that the cavemen (and women) toasted their weenies over that old open flame to just last week when the horny neighborhood kids lit your grandma’s mailbox on fire, people have been fascinated with the magical glow of an open flame.  Today, and in celebration of fire, I am offering three prints detailing the finer points of the subject.  Each print is signed and numbered for authenticity and all of the prints are on a high quality printmaking paper (Magnani Pescia, Arches 88, or Fabriano) that is guaranteed to last long after the flame inside of you is forever extinguished.



“I Don’t Wanna Be Dumb No More”, 13″w x 10″h, edition of 11.



“Everything Is Awesome”, 12″w x 10″h, edition of 13.



“Cause Free I Gotta Be”, 12″w x 9″h, edition of 6.


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