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The Keeper Of Time print – $14 + s/h

Posted in --FOR SALE--, Prints by nicholashay on May 19, 2011

So apparently the world is going to be coming to an end on Saturday.  I forgot who predicted that.  It was Nostradamus, or the Mayans, or the Republicans, or maybe it was the San Antonio Spurs.  It doesn’t fucking matter.  I don’t think that it is ever really a good idea to predict the end of the world because if you are wrong then everyone thinks that you are just a fucking stupid asshole.  And if you are right, well, nobody really gives a shit and they still probably think that you are a fucking stupid asshole.  The reason why I am mentioning all of this garbage is to prove a point and my point is that you should stop worrying about the end of the world and go tell your grandpa to shut the fuck up and go find his Visa Debit/checkcard so that you can buy this fucking sweet ass print already.  However, if you are truly worried about the coming of the end times then I would also suggest you mention expedited when you order.  The size is 6.25″w x 7.25″h, the edition size is 8, and the paper is Magnani Pescia.




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