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Vinyl Stickers – free with purchase

Posted in --FOR SALE--, Prints by nicholashay on May 20, 2011

First of all, I know that this is a horrible image.  However, life is full of horrible images so get the fuck over it (it might be slightly less horrible if you realized that the stickers are placed to somewhat resemble a Kasimer Malevich Suprematist composition).  Regardless, what this is a horrible picture of is in fact the first set of free stickers that will be given away with purchase of anything else that I currently have for sale.  That’s right – from now on – one, two, or maybe even 69 of these will come neatly tucked in with whatever else you order (maybe not 69).  So you can pull them out and be as creative as you fucking want to with where you stick them.  Just make sure to stick them somewhere where they can most effectively reach my target audience.  Thanks.




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