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Satan Loves San Antonio’s Art Community print – $50 + s/h

Posted in --FOR SALE--, Prints by nicholashay on May 29, 2011

Everybody already knows a lot of the cool shit that Satan loves, but did you know that he also loves San Antonio’s art community? Just look at those old ladies that volunteer at the McNay – they have been through the fucking fire and lived in the shadow of darkness. Also, just look at the horrible people that are allowed to show their work at Blue Star. Well here it is folks. This print was commissioned by the Dark Lord himself for all of his followers in San Antonio just to show how much he appreciates all of their support and worship. Some of Satan’s favorite things that I included in this print are fireworks, the Alamo, and of course a fucking wicked ass drop shadow – not to mention those heavenly metallic inks (oops!). You better move fast because this edition is limited to 11. The paper is Magnani Pescia. The size is 9″w x 12″h.




Holy shit, there is fucking more!  Why?  Because once you dance with the devil it is hard to fucking stop.  So here are three variant editions of this print.  All of them are the same dimensions as the original.



Up first is the CMYK print without the background.  This is an edition of 5 and it is printed on Arches 88.  $30 + s/h



These two-headed dogs are a single layer of the original print on a high quality printmaking paper.  You have your choice of purgatory sunset red (edition of 4) or Satan’s toenail polish gold (edition of 3).  Each is $20 + s/h.



And just when you thought the pain was over, well…

One of a kind combinations of elements from the original print with other prints.  This one is a combination with the previous Satan Loves 3-d print (inquire for pricing on the one of a kind prints).



This is a combination with the drippy swastika print that I am slowly working back over.



And this is a combination with another version of the Satan Loves San Antonio’s Art Community print that wasn’t that exciting after being finished and subsequently rejected by his lowness.



Regardless of which one you choose, I suggest you get them while they are hot, because when they are gone they will never come back.


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