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The Adventures of Colorado Nick and Yuko The Kid.

Posted in Adventures by nicholashay on June 8, 2011

Did you ever notice that whenever you are trying to make a significant change in your life there is always some mother fucking giant hump that you have to get over before you can start the change?  A year ago I decided not to attend graduate school and to instead take a year to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.   It was an extremely last moment decision and the chair of the department that I ended up not joining told me in an email that the decision that I was making was a “watershed moment in my life”.  She was right and, while at first I thought it was going to be a watershed of shit, after a while I found out that it might be one of those fucking rare instances of positive torrential rain.

This is me.  Behind me is that fucking hump that I mentioned.


So one cool thing that came from sticking around Texas for another year was that I was chosen to participate in the Texas Biennial which turned out to be a great opportunity to exhibit my work to a new audience as well as meet some new people.  Who knows, maybe it’s one of those fucking watershedding things.  Anyways, this is me installing the work which I am happy to say found a new owner through the biennial.

Another thing that came out of the year long break was that Yuko and I were given a fucking incredible amount of support and opportunity by Jeff Dell and Brian Johnson by allowing us access to screen printing facilities.  We are eternally grateful and I hope that we weren’t too much of a pain in the ass.


I still really like flags.  So much so that I even like shit that isn’t a flag, but still looks like one.


This is me making some fucking books.  At this point I am washing off some watercolor paper that someone gave to me that I later bound into a book.  I think that more than anything in life I enjoy making sketchbooks.  They represent a fucking really good opportunity to make something new by starting on one page and finding out shit throughout the way until you reach the end.


This image and all that follow where taken in Boulder, Colorado.  That is where Yuko and I are going next.  This is where the fucking new adventure begins.  I have no idea who that fucking blurry person is.  Hopefully they know where they are going.


This is me eating pho at a place in downtown Boulder called You & Mee Noodles.  It is fucking delicious.  We ate there three of the four days that Yuko and I spent looking at apartments.


Freaky’s is the name of a tattoo shop under an art supply store.


Freaky’s mascot makes the fucking neighborhood kids go wild.


These are some of the fucking badass skateboard kids that skate down the sidewalks downtown.  They fucking care so much about not giving a shit that it kind of makes me proud and insane.


This is a fucking collectible glassware shop.  The collectible glassware is used to smoke your fucking weed in – if you’re in to that sort of thing.


The corner of Pleasant Street with fake mountians and the reflection of real trees.  And bongs.


This is the Native American rug at the Best Western.  People like to display this shit because we totally wiped those mother fuckers out and nothing reminds you of home like genocide.


Two squirrels.  If you forgot, Yuko loves squirrels more than life itself.


One interesting thing about Boulder is that the people there enjoy walking and riding their bikes without getting smashed to fuck by cars.  So they make these little passages under busy streets so that when you are biking and walking you feel like you are utilizing a legitimate mode of transportation and not just getting in everyone’s fucking way.  It kind of makes you feel good knowing that you can walk around with less chance of dying.


People in Boulder leave their fucking Christmas trees up year round just like my parents.


I don’t remember what Yuko was doing here?  She made me photograph it.


Yuko really enjoys nature.  Sometimes she enjoys it more than she should and gets hives and vomits.

I am not really sure if this is a really fucking big bush or a sort of fucking big tree.


This is one of the printmaking studios at University of Colorado – Boulder.


This is me looking at some of the fucking undergrad students artwork.


I think that this is a metaphor.


Yuko took this picture.  She takes a lot of the bad ass pictures on my blog.  I take the fucking credit.


Colorado as seen from the art building on campus.  It is kind of inspiring.  My studio will most likely not have a window.  Go fucking figure.


This is me back at that fucking collectible glassware shop.  People in Boulder really fucking love their weed.  It enjoys a quasi-legal status.  They also really fucking enjoy their self-righteousness.


Find a hole and smoke it.


Yuko enjoys a jasmine green bobba tea in front of the wall of bongs.


Opposite of the wall of bongs in the wall of flip flip.  Of fucking course.


The corner of incense.


This is me ordering a smoothie.


The best granola in the world that is so good that nobody wants to fucking buy it.


Some one scratched this into the wet concrete.  Unfortunately, the person who’s job it was to make sure no mother fuckers scratched peace symbols into the wet concrete  before it dried got fired from his construction job because of this.  Then he couldn’t afford “the world best granola” (even at the sale prices) and couldn’t find anywhere to feed and clothe his family since Wal-Mart is not allowed in Boulder, so he went on a fucking rampage and shot up a school bus.  Then some of the mourners went and scratched some peace symbols into some wet concrete.  Life is a vicious fucking circle.  With a peace symbol in the middle.


Yuko and the mountain.


This is me pounding the fuck out of a black cherry soda from Whole Foods.  I look like a fucking champion of the mountains.  After I threw my can into the grass right there I walked up that fucking hill behind me and needed two gallons of fucking water to recuperate.  What looks like a simple task is not always so.


This is a rock that I saw in the grass.  I thought that it looked like a fucking real photograph like the ones that my photography friends have on their portfolio websites so I told Yuko to take the fucking picture.  Then she thought that I like rocks or something so she just kept on photographing rocks.  I just wanted my photography friends to think that I was cool.  I don’t really give a fuck about rocks.


This is me and nature.  We decided not to go on the main trail because it looked to easy and so instead we went our own way.  That was a big fucking mistake.  It was so much harder to do things the way that I thought they should be done instead of the way that everyone else was fucking doing it.


Yuko reached the top and basked in the glory.

Yuko told me to touch the rock still thinking that I liked them or something.  I really don’t give a fuck about the stupid fucking orange rocks.


More rocks.




Me taking a fucking break.  Yuko taking a fucking picture of me out of breathe.


Broken tree.  My Indian name is Broken Fuck.


Me taking another fucking break.  I had a fucking shitload of trail mix and water in my bag.  And several packs of skittles.


Glory hole.


Me trying to figure out where I am at in life.


I found this fucking bad ass stick.


Then I realized that it wasn’t really that fucking bad ass, and kind of heavy, so I chunked it at some other sticks.  Probably killed something natural in the process.


Yuko enjoying nature.


Boulder from the mountain.


This is where we stopped for the day.  We couldn’t see the trail very well and decided to save some for next time.  We will fucking be back.


Another local squirrel.


Yuko fell down on the way back.  But you know what?  She got the fuck back up.

Me and the $500,000 houses.


More of the same pho for me.  Yuko tried something new.  The new stuff was okay.  Not really what she was expecting, but also not horrible.  Let’s see.


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  1. Eric Jason Maldonado said, on June 8, 2011 at 3:59 am

    I love Colorado, It’s my favorite place in the US that isn’t Texas.

  2. Mary Mikel Stump said, on June 8, 2011 at 6:45 am

    Colorado is fucking perfect for you. Much luck and love to you both on your new adventure. I feel certain that you will make it your own.

  3. naomi song bear said, on June 9, 2011 at 8:44 am

    One of the best posts yet.

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