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I made a painting that looks like a pop tart.

Posted in Adventures by nicholashay on December 28, 2011

Today I was playing with an airbrush to see how it works and I made this big painting that looks like a fucking pop-tart.  I still have some more airbrushing to go.   It is going to be sweet as frosty when I am done.  It also might look like dogshit.  That is the game that I play on a daily basis.  Also, the other day on the bus, I saw this drunk guy that had shit his pants.  I knew that he had shit his pants because some of the shit rolled out of his pants as he was getting off of the bus.  He dropped his gloves and I let him know.  So he bent over to pick them up and then he dropped his toothbrush.  I told him he dropped his fucking toothbrush and so he picked it up.  That is when the shit rolled out.  I guess not everyone in Boulder has such an easy fucking life.  After that guy got off of the bus I told the bus driver that there was shit on the floor.  Then some other dude walked onto the bus and sat down where the drunk guy had been sitting.  He sat right down in a previous man’s shit.  I tried to tell that dude that he was about to sit in shit but he had his ipod on so he couldn’t hear me.  A vicious fucking shit circle. The times are still fucking tough, I guess.  They’ll probably never get better.  That’s why I got to make some more sweet pop-tart paintings.  I got to cheer some motherfuckers up.


A fucking real-life pop-tart.


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