General information about things that Nicholas Hay knows about.


CLICK HERE FOR THE STORE or select the “FOR SALE” category from the list of categories on the right hand side of this page.

Notes on shipping:

The cost of shipping and handling correlates to what is being shipped.  Prints are a little more expensive to ship because they are enclosed in protective foam core.  I take care in packing each piece so that you receive it the way that I shipped it.  If you would like to know what you order will cost to ship before you place it then simple ask.  Of course you will save money on shipping if you buy multiple items.

Notes on returns:

All sales are final.  No returns are accepted unless your item was damaged in shipping.  In that case, contact me as soon as you receive the damaged item and we can figure out what action to take.

Notes on payment:

The only method of payment that I accept is paypal.  When you are ready to purchase then send me an email with a list of items and I will let you know a total.  DO NOT SEND ME MONEY WITHOUT RECEIVING A TOTAL FROM ME.  Also, I reserve the right to refuse an order at any time.

Notes on editions:

Editions at times vary.  What does this mean?  It means that my shit is hand printed (with care) and therefore might be slightly different from the image on the web.  I do have integrity and therefore will not let anything other than very, very, minor differences into the edition.  Trust me.  Also, edition sizes are what they say they are.  I WILL NOT REPRINT AN EDITION ONCE IT IS SOLD OUT.  So get them while you can.


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